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Marielle Santos McLeod, CPN


Patient Advocate


Marielle Santos McLeod,Patient Advocate,WP3

Marielle was diagnosed with young onset Stage III colon cancer in June 2017. After completing numerous rounds of chemotherapy is now cancer free. She holds a BA Spanish and an MHA in Healthcare Administration and has worked in the healthcare field for 13 years. 

At the time of her diagnosis and treatment, she was shocked as to how little information was available regarding colorectal cancer in young adults. After losing her job while undergoing chemotherapy, she made it her mission to bring awareness to this disease that almost claimed her life. She began her career as a Certified Bilingual Patient and Family Support Navigator at the Colorectal Cancer Alliance in June 2018. While at the Alliance, Marielle has helped collaborate with the Latino Outreach Program and oversees both the Buddy Program and Blue Hope Financial Assistance Program.