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Our Research Aims

Our research program has two broad scientific aims, each addressed through the work of three integrated work packages:

Aim 1: Map the colorectal cancer microbiome

Work Package 1: The microbiome in cancer risk.

Work Package 2: Epidemiological correlates of the colorectal cancer microbiome.

Work Package 3: Mapping the cellular distribution of the colorectal cancer microbiome. 

Aim 2: Understand the clinical impact of modulating the colon cancer microbiome

Work Package 4: Model systems to study the colorectal cancer microbiome.

Work Package 5: The interplay between the microbiota and colorectal cancer treatments. 

Work Package 6: Novel treatments involving microbiome modulation. 

We also have a public-facing objective: to share and disseminate our data, methodologies and concepts with the scientific, medical and patient communities. 

This integrated structure of our program is illustrated in the figure on the right.

Areas of research

Our projects are divided into Work Packages (WP), each focusing on a specific research objective described above.

Research Updates