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My story as a CRC patient

March 17, 2021

My story as a CRC patient

March 17, 2021

It was in 2002-03 Christmas time when I suffered continuous gastrointestinal troubles. I’m a psychologist, a professional who, at that time, was very busy and, threatened by the idea of suffering cancer, I used to say that I did not have time enough to visit any doctor. In February, pressed by my wife, I came to the health care centre. There, the physician told myself that the blood analysis had been found not good. Then, as I was working as a teacher at university and in schools, when something is wrong you must to repeat it, I told him that in this case it would be fine to do these analysis’ again, expecting that the new ones would be better. Obviously, these analysis’ were bad because I have developed a tumour in my colon. In that moment, I felt I was going to die in three months’ time or so and, became seriously depressed, because I have learned that cancer was equal to death. However, a week later, as I knew that 60% of patients with colorectal cancer could survive, and as I was a positive person, I thought: “I’m one of this 60%”.

Two weeks after my first diagnose I went to hospital where having been explored through a colonoscopy they definitely diagnosed I was affected by a II state colorectal cancer. They made all the test needed as a preparation for surgery and I was operated. They ridded off a 40 centimetres part of my transversal colon. I stayed at hospital for three weeks. My stay at hospital was pleasant enough because I felt loved by my family, my close friends and my mates. I even learned to make mockeries about cancer. In my opinion, my optimistic thoughts helped myself to develop a quick recovery. To sum up, I only needed to receive a four months’ light chemotherapy treatment, during this time I was able to return to my job, to my routines, to my life.

– Carlos Hue

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