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Opportunity To Investigate the Microbiome’s Impact on Science and Treatment In Colorectal Cancer

We are an international team working together to understand the colorectal cancer microbiome: what it is, how it is associated with cancer, and what treatments will affect the microbiome to promote health.

Our objectives are to:

  1. Map the colorectal cancer microbiome
  2. Develop microbiome-targeted therapies for colorectal cancer
  3. Share and disseminate our findings

Be Curious about Bowel Cancer

Advocate John Barnes joined Leeds University, Dr. Susan Richman and Dr. Phil Quirke for the 2nd Annual Be Curious event on bowel cancer.

Susan Richman and Phil Quirke

Phil Quirke's Lab at Leeds

John Barnes setting up the event

Susan Richman "fishing"

John Barnes teaching kids about "poo"

We are our microbes!

Watch the video that explains what the microbiome is and the importance in colorectal cancer. This video was a collaboration between team OPTIMISTICC patient advocates and researchers. Get ready to learn and ENJOY!

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Optimisticc is a Cancer Grand Challenges team funded by Cancer Research UK.

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